Being the best means having the best people, and getting the best people is hard work. Hard work can be made easy and simplified by applying the best recruitment technology and partnering with the best recruitment resources. We understand the world of recruitment, the complexities and effort that you put into it and it is our job to give you back the gift of time.

The services we offer include but are not limited to: 

  • Permanent staff recruitment 
  • Contract staff recruitment 
  • Employment vetting services
  • Executive Head hunting

Value Adding Services

Not only can we assist you with your recruitment of new staff but we also offer the following services either as once off or on a small retainer fee if you prefer to handle all your recruitment in-house.

  • Placing of your recruitment adverts on all our recruitment platforms
    • Placement Partners
    • P Net
    • Career Junction
    • Careers 24
    • Executive Search
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Our own database of candidates
  • Our Search and Placement Services Include:
    • Placement of adverts
    • Advertised response Selection & Screening to ensure you only receive the best candidates
    • Detailed Market Research
    • Networking
    • Confidential Candidate Representation
    • Preparation & Coaching of Candidate
    • Post-placement Support
    • Reference checking
    • ITC check, full Experian comprehensive is conducted
    • Criminal check
    • Qualification checks (as required)
  • Our Search Process Includes:
    • Client Briefing: We develop a comprehensive brief and project plan in collaboration with you, detailing key performance areas and strategic challenges. We gain a thorough understanding of your internal reporting structure as well as key internal and external liaison relationships.
    • Market Research: Using our distinct research-based methodologies, we conduct knowledge gathering to identify suitable candidates, industry leaders   and niche specialists in your market segment. Our research process culminates in a detailed research report, which we present to you and from which we draw up a short list of candidates.
    • Interviews: Only once we have vetted and interviewed the shortlisted candidates and have assessed their fit for your organisation do we present them to you for interviews.
    • Placement: We facilitate the offer and acceptance of offer process including the negotiations involved in this phase.
    • Post-placement Support: Once the candidate begins work, we provide post-placement support to both candidate and client to ensure that the relationship is as successful as expected.
  • Advertised Selection and One-on-One Interviews
    We identify top talent through electronic and print media, screenings and one-on-one interviews. We also have an extensive network – built up over many years of close, collaborative relationships – which we can tap into to fulfil our client’s human capital needs.

  • Detailed Marketing Research and Industry Mapping
    One of the products Intelligent Placement offers is extensive market research of talent in specific fields as may be required by clients. The research will include a thorough scanning of the market to understand what skills are available in that area.

  • Networking
    The recruitment process is a scientific one; it follows an objective and rigorous process of searching, selecting, headhunting and screening candidates to arrive at the ideal match for the client. To support this approach and as part of the verification process, extensive networking is necessary.

  • Fully Confidential Candidate Representation
    Due to the extensive experience and exposure of Intelligent Placement in the recruitment arena, high calibre candidates looking to make a career move often approach the company to assist them in identifying possible career opportunities in the market discreetly.

  • Preparation and Coaching of Candidates
    An important step which forms part of the recruitment process is the coaching of candidates before an interview. Candidates are thoroughly briefed on the prospective company, current occurrences, and exposure. Candidates are also encouraged to read up and familiarize themselves with the company structure, market positioning and any other relevant information. Paramount also would be to understand the culture of the organization, dress code etc.

  • Post-placement Support
    Once our client decides to make an offer, we play a key role in managing the salary negotiating and benefits, and completing the placement. We also provide post-placement support to both candidate and client to ensure that the relationship is as successful as expected.